Nfield update

Dates Type Description
28.5.2024 Release NfieldChicago, datetime functions, downloading simulation data, *GETDATA, minimum app and Android version
14.5.2024 Release NfieldChicagoRC, Interview Simulator endpoints and hints, Survey Groups, sticky headers, miscellaneous
30.4.2024 Release Survey Groups, Interview Simulator (via API), CAPI app, ODIN Developer, DSC
16.4.2024 Release Interview Simulator, CAPI app, *GETLDATA deprecation, miscellaneous
11.4.2024 Announcement Change in response format of API SurveyCounts endpoint
8.4.2024 Release Survey groups, native login passwords, Auto deletion header, CAPI app, API sample record
19.3.2024 Release Survey groups, native login passwords, ODIN Developer, supported Android versions
5.3.2024 Release Survey groups, quota levels, *GETLDATA deprecation, supported Android versions, miscellaneous
20.2.2024 Release Survey groups, *GETLFQLIST, DSC, deprecated API endpoints, supported Android versions, miscellaneous
6.2.2024 Release New API end point, *GETDATA, supported Android versions, miscellaneous
23.1.2024 Release Interview Simulator, API, NfieldChicago, miscellaneous
9.1.2024 Release Buttons and Messages, CAPI app manual, NIPO Academy, miscellaneous
19.12.2023 Release CAPI app, ODIN Developer, minimum app version, supported Android versions
5.12.2023 Release Filtering on *USELIST, *ENDPAGE, minimum app version, supported Android versions
21.11.2023 Release Minimum app version, supported Android versions, miscellaneous
7.11.2023 Release Status page, CAPI app, miscellaneous
24.10.2023 Release CAPI app, *GETDATA retiring timeline, event notifications
10.10.2023 Release ODIN Developer, CAPI app, minimum app and Android version
26.9.2023 Release HTTP requests, blueprints, minimum app and Android version, miscellaneous
14.9.2023 Release Automatic clean-up feature, script check, minimum app and Android version
29.8.2023 Release Automatic clean-up feature, survey blueprint, survey versions API, ODIN Developer, CAPI minimum app version
8.8.2023 Release Survey blueprints - questionnaire script, CAPI app, miscellaneous
20.7.2023 Release Download Data, miscellaneous
4.7.2023 Release Nfield script check, DSC
20.6.2023 Release Survey level data retention policy, Nfield script check, API endpoints, CAPI app
6.6.2023 Release Survey blueprints, Sample Fitness score, DSC, ODIN Developer, CAPI app
23.5.2023 Release Survey blueprints, Automatic clean-up feature, miscellaneous
9.5.2023 Release Automatic clean-up feature, Nfield deprecated / obsolete endpoints
25.4.2023 Release Audit log, Active Directory users, issue on Lenovo devices, miscellaneous
13.4.2023 Release Repository Manager user role, survey list filters
4.4.2023 Release Deprecation of Survey Owner endpoints, ODIN Developer, miscellaneous
14.3.2023 Release CAPI app, automatic clean-up feature, NfieldTool, ReadSurvey
28.2.2023 Release Hardening current Nfield features, Automatic clean-up
14.2.2023 Release Uploaded script warnings, CAPI fieldwork report, Automatic clean-up feature, ODIN Developer, DSC, data downloads
31.1.2023 Release CAPI app, NIPO DSC for IBM SPSS, custom repository users, miscellaneous
17.1.2023 Release App strategy, Automatic Clean-up feature, obsolete endpoints, removing old CAPI Manager surveys
20.12.2022 Release NfieldChicago Release Candidate, CAPI app, miscellaneous
6.12.2022 Release API endpoints deprecation, deprecation of the CAPI Manager
22.11.2022 Release CAPI app, API endpoints deprecation, miscellaneous
8.11.2022 Release Keyboard shortcuts, endpoints for blacklist, migration with reserved key variables
25.10.2022 Release Minimum app, Android versions, email batch view, survey deletion CAPI Manager
11.10.2022 Release Sample data page, final call CAPI Manager deprecation, miscellaneous
27.9.2022 Release Survey level properties, CAPI app, miscellaneous
13.9.2022 Release New blacklist feature, minimum version CAPI app, miscellaneous
30.8.2022 Release New endpoints for data download, NfieldChicagoRC template, miscellaneous
23.8.2022 Release NfieldChicagoRC template
16.8.2022 Release Password settings for native Nfield users, Deprecation CAPI Manager
2.8.2022 Release Deprecation CAPI Manager, custom response codes, CAPI app, miscellaneous
19.7.2022 Release New email invitation editor, deprecation CAPI Manager, minimum version CAPI app
5.7.2022 Release CAPI app, custom response codes, NfieldTool, miscellaneous
21.6.2022 Release Minimum version for CAPI, extending permissions for user roles
8.6.2022 Release Nfield public API end points deprecation, CAPI app, Start links
24.5.2022 Release CAPI app, deprecation of the CAPI Manager
28.4.2022 Release Assignments of sampling points with quotas to interviewers, user roles, miscellaneous
19.4.2022 Release CAPI app, minimum app version, supported Android versions
12.4.2022 Release API Delivery endpoint, CAPI Manager - Sampling Points and Quota migration
29.3.2022 Release CAPI app, public API, CAPI Manager, miscellaneous
15.3.2022 Release CAPI app, minimum app version
2.3.2022 Release CAPI app, NfieldChicagoRC, SDK, Isolated Interviewing
15.2.2022 Release Supported Android Versions
1.2.2022 Release Nfield public API end points deprecation
18.1.2022 Release Deprecation of CAPI Manager, Nfield Public API, minimum app version
5.1.2022 Release Nfield Public API, CAPI app, minimum app version
7.12.2021 Release Nfield Public API, CAPI app, NfieldChicagoRC
23.11.2021 Release Nfield Public API, CAPI app new UI , Acceptable Use Policy
9.11.2021 Release Nfield Public API, CAPI app, NfieldChicagoRC, NfieldTool
27.10.2021 Release Nfield Public API, CAPI app, minimum app version
12.10.2021 Release Nfield Public API, app translations, miscellaneous
28.9.2021 Release API, CAPI app translations and minimum version
22.9.2021 Release New CAPI app - SSL & logging
14.9.2021 Release Drop off page in Fieldwork report
31.8.2021 Release Metrics, DSC, software and documentation downloads
17.8.2021 Release Nfield CAPI app interface
3.8.2021 Release New CAPI app, app update strategy
20.7.2021 Release Metrics: Expensive commands, Warn and Stop limits
7.7.2021 Release Improved fieldwork monitoring, miscellaneous
23.6.2021 Release Maps zip upload, miscellaneous
8.6.2021 Release NIPO ODIN Developer, NfieldChicagoRC
26.5.2021 Release Maps sampling points, monitor page, NfieldTool, miscellaneous
11.5.2021 Release Miscellaneous
28.4.2021 Release Default template, sampling points, new sample data field
13.4.2021 Release CAPI app, supported Android versions, result codes
30.3.2021 Release Survey publishing, data protection, NfieldChicago
16.3.2021 Release Filter Surveys list, miscellaneous
2.3.2021 Release NfieldChicagoRC, survey groups, API
16.2.2021 Release Survey list, DA course, *INIT block, Quality Control page
2.2.2021 Release Blacklist information, download data, app strategy
19.1.2021 Release Survey list, two-factor authentication, API
22.12.2020 Release NfieldChicago Release Candidate
14.12.2020 Release Nfield CAPI app security
8.12.2020 Release New surveys list, CAPI basic surveys creation
24.11.2020 Release Quota editing, user mappings, Nfield CAPI app strategy
10.11.2020 Release Nfield Online Blacklist
3.11.2020 Announcement Update to Nfield Online Blacklist feature
27.10.2020 Release Nfield Online paradata
13.10.2020 Release Blacklist, CAPI app, API, app troubleshooting
29.9.2020 Release Max overshoot, documentation updates
15.9.2020 Release Smaller improvements, reminder app strategy
1.9.2020 Release Survey group assignments, Nfield app strategy
18.8.2020 Release Quota with API, quality control
4.8.2020 Release Fieldwork report, Audit Trail, blacklist
21.7.2020 Release Nfield API, announcements, miscellaneous
7.7.2020 Release NfieldChicagoRC, app, miscellaneous
23.6.2020 Release NfieldChicagoRC, data set per survey version
9.6.2020 Release Audit Trail, Quality Control, sample field length
2.6.2020 Hotfix Nfield CAPI app v2.2.2
27.5.2020 Release CAPI app, data set per survey version
13.5.2020 Release Quota frames in the Nfield Manager
6.5.2020 Release CAPI app v2, assignments, max overshoot
15.4.2020 Release Nfield CAPI app v2, miscellaneous
31.3.2020 Release Nfield app, CAPI survey type migration
17.3.2020 Release NfieldChicago release candidate
3.3.2020 Release CAPI app, miscellaneous
18.2.2020 Release NfieldChicago, least-filled quota, app strategy
3.2.2020 Release API, app, NfieldChicago, miscellaneous
21.1.2020 Release Email batch, NfieldChicago, Composer, app
15.1.2020 Announcement Nfield CAPI app update strategy
14.1.2020 Release NfieldChicagoRC, Knowledge centre
16.12.2019 Release NfieldChicagoRC, app, CAPI in Nfield Manager
26.11.2019 Release NfieldChicagoRC, fieldwork reports, CAPI app
14.11.2019 Release NfieldChicago, CSP, ODIN Developer
7.11.2019 Announcement CSP enforced for Nfield Online
1.11.2019 Information Updated Nfield Acceptable Use Polices
31.10.2019 Release NfieldChicagoRC, help button, record video
3.10.2019 Release Reporting, NIPO DSC
19.9.2019 Release CAPI app, Nfield Manager
5.9.2019 Release Quota, assignments, CAPI app, reporting
22.8.2019 Release CAPI app, quota targets for CAPI
8.8.2019 Release ReadSurvey
24.7.2019 Release Reporting, NfieldTool, CAPI app
16.7.2019 Release Maximum quotas, NfieldChicago, SSO
27.6.2019 Release NfieldChicago(RC), reporting, miscellaneous
18.6.2019 Release Management page, NfieldChicago, CAPI app
6.6.2019 Release Appointment via script, management page
4.6.2019 Release CAPI in the Nfield Manager enhancements
28.5.2019 Information CAPI in the new Manager - URLs
23.5.2019 Release New sign-in page, Single Sign On
16.5.2019 Release New CAPI Manager, domain management
8.5.2019 Release NfieldChicagoRC, NfieldTool, miscellaneous
16.4.2019 Hotfix Mitigating Online interviewing issues
4.4.2019 Release CAPI app, Power BI report, ODIN Developer
21.3.2019 Release CAPI app, ODIN Developer, miscellaneous
7.3.2019 Release NfieldChicago, Useful Tools, miscellaneous
21.2.2019 Release CAPI app, ODIN Developer, NfieldChicagoRC
7.2.2019 Release New CAPI app, ODIN max data record length
30.1.2019 Release New CAPI scenario, survey health check
17.1.2019 Announcement Security update on TLS 1.2
10.1.2019 Release NfieldChicagoRC, downloads, miscellaneous
28.12.2018 Release NfieldChicagoRC template update
13.12.2018 Release Security, miscellaneous, Developer
29.11.2018 Release API help page, hotfix, NfieldTool
15.11.2018 Release CAPI app, user roles, Developer, Useful Tools
7.11.2018 Announcement Security reminder on CSRF tokens
1.11.2018 Release Improved feedback sample upload, other fixes
23.10.2018 Release Improved sync, new Developer, other fixes
4.10.2018 Release Location tracking, NfieldChicago
2.10.2018 Announcement Security update on CSRF tokens
20.9.2018 Release Exit links, template, ODIN Developer
6.9.2018 Release A few fixes, CAPI app update
23.8.2018 Release CAPI app update, API help, NfieldChicagoRC
9.8.2018 Release Email invitation batches, NfieldChicagoRC
26.7.2018 Release Small updates and a few bugfixes
23.7.2018 Announcement Important: Nfield CAPI app permissions
12.7.2018 Release Illegal variable names, fixes, NfieldChicagoRC
28.6.2018 Release Warning icons
27.6.2018 Release Fixes, NfieldChicagoRC, Nfield Reporting
14.6.2018 Release TLS 1.2, NfieldTool, CAPI app, NfieldChicagoRC
5.6.2018 Release Respondent search, security: TLS 1.2, CSRF
23.5.2018 Release GDPR, Online Manager and fixes
7.5.2018 Release Large survey handling, NfieldChicagoRC
12.4.2018 Release Data download speed update
9.4.2018 Release GDPR, Data downloads, Nfield CAPI app
28.3.2018 Release GDPR, CAPI app, NfieldChicagoRC, NfieldTool
15.3.2018 Release GDPR, API, new CAPI app and Developer
28.2.2018 Release New Manager design, filtering on *LIST, GDPR
8.2.2018 Release Nfield CAPI app and performance update
24.1.2018 Release New CAPI app, NfieldChicage release candidate
15.1.2018 Hotfix Number with a fraction fix
4.1.2018 Release API improvements, CAPI logging and fixes
14.12.2017 Release Manager translations, fixes and new template
5.12.2017 Release Inline editing, Manager translations and DSC
15.11.2017 Release RespondentKeys, NfieldChicagoRC update
2.11.2017 Release Translations, user types and Nfieldtool
18.10.2017 Release Online Manager and CAPI app
4.10.2017 Release Nfield API and Online Manager update
17.8.2017 Release New CAPI app and template
15.8.2017 Release Online invitations and template
3.8.2017 Release CRUD respondents via API
17.7.2017 Release Update with focus on stability
20.6.2017 Release New update with focus on stability
23.5.2017 Release Small update with focus on stability
1.5.2017 Release Blacklist insertion date
12.4.2017 Release Memory issue, email template
29.3.2017 Release Stability update
15.3.2017 Release Cookie banner, blacklist download
2.3.2017 Release Default email invitation template
15.2.2017 Release Nfield performance and API changes
24.1.2017 Release Nfield stability improvements
27.12.2016 Release NfieldChicago template update
22.11.2016 Release Download sample, scheduled invitations
3.11.2016 Release Sample variables, template release candidate
20.10.2016 Release sample management, API
27.9.2016 Information Deletion of old surveys (created before 2015)
1.9.2016 Information New Useful tool: Nfield Theme Builder
30.8.2016 Release CAPI app and Manager improvements
30.8.2016 Release Online Manager and interview improvements
28.7.2016 Release Various Nfield Online improvements
13.7.2016 Release Improvements to synchonizing interviews
13.7.2016 Release Resuming interviews, respondent management
2.6.2016 Release Stopwatch[3] function and API changes
27.5.2016 Release Template fix for multiple answer grid questions
19.5.2016 Release API extensions, role fix and new template
30.3.2016 Release New user roles in Manager and other fixes
8.3.2016 Release Platform update, NfieldChicagoRC template
17.2.2016 Release Matrix filter fix, changes worklog and photos
2.2.2016 Release NfieldChicago template update
18.1.2016 Release Introducing NfieldChicago release candidate
13.1.2016 Release Nfield Online paradata, custom response codes
21.12.2015 Release Track interview device and API improvements
25.11.2015 Release Interviewer Sync status
17.11.2015 Information NS Academy webinar videos
12.11.2015 Release NfieldChicago zoom, minimum version app
22.10.2015 Release The NfieldChicago template
13.10.2015 Information Restoring data on EU and duplicate counts
12.10.2015 Release Survey validation and part/full sync indication
23.9.2015 Release Respondent-specific sample info in survey a/o
24.8.2015 Release MATRIX questions, double submit, faster sync
5.8.2015 Release Multiple interviewers per sampling point
13.7.2015 Release Interview counts, update theme changes
25.6.2015 Release Improved synchronization of survey files
10.6.2015 Release Sampling points counts, faster sync and matrix
18.5.2015 Release Manage photo quality, app version enforced
29.4.2015 Release Interviewer synch and logging improvements
20.4.2015 Release Description of the counts
8.4.2015 Release Date selection for user logs
1.4.2015 Information Introducing the Usage Portal
25.2.2015 Information Note about today's Nfield update
23.2.2015 Release Publish includes Media files and survey settings
19.2.2015 Information UploadTool: Office 2010 update, 64-bit support
6.2.2015 Release Fix for some Lenovo tablets
19.1.2015 Information Location validation explained
15.1.2015 Release Survey with Sampling Points and addresses
6.1.2015 Release New location settings and fixes
25.11.2014 Information Details screen changes Nfield Manager
21.11.2014 Update Preparing Nfield for launch of Nfield Online
10.11.2014 Release Two breaking API changes
6.11.2014 Release *ORDER, *RANDOM, and *ROT commands
23.10.2014 Release Screen orientation per question
9.10.2014 Release Clickable areas and buttons Nfield CAPI app
17.9.2014 Release Nfield CAPI app usability improvements
21.8.2014 Release Stop / start recording from answer category
26.6.2014 Release Supporting *INCLUDE on *NUMBER question
12.6.2014 Release Response times, authentication
2.6.2014 Release Fixed a NIPO ODIN and caching issue
20.5.2014 Information Changes to our API
15.5.2014 Release Improved sync and automatic synchronization
14.5.2014 Information Faster release pace, improved beta program
1.5.2014 Release Further improvement of Nfield CAPI app
17.4.2014 Release Redesigned counts overviews
3.4.2014 Release Encrypted data on Android device
25.3.2014 Release NfieldBarcelona template released - features
6.3.2014 Release Paradata added to Nfield CAPI download data
27.12.2013 Release Fieldwork offices, sampling points introduced
29.11.2013 Release Fieldwork monitoring and performance
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