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Nfield update
17 January 2023
On Tuesday 17 January we will release a new version of Nfield. This update contains a notice about the Nfield CAPI app strategy, a new Automatic Clean-up feature, a final reminder on Nfield deprecated / obsolete endpoints, a reminder that NIPO will start removing old, non-migrated CAPI Manager surveys starting this week, and several smaller improvements.
Nfield CAPI minimum app version from 1 April 2023
The current minimum version of the Nfield CAPI app that can be used for fieldwork is 2.9.1. From 1 April onwards the minimum version will be 2.11. Interviewing devices that are running a version of the app that is lower than 2.11 will no longer be able to synchronize with Nfield from 1 April 2023.

As a Domain Administrator it is important to share this news within your organization so it gets the attention of the people that should act. If you are working with the older Nfield CAPI app versions that will stop being supported, now is the time to ensure business continuity by keeping your CAPI devices updated with at least the required minimum app version (and preferably upgrading them to the latest CAPI app version).
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Reminder about supported Android versions
In general, we align our development efforts with the support Google gives to the versions of their Android mobile operating system. In several previous communications we mentioned that from 1 January 2023 onwards, the minimum supported version of Android for Nfield CAPI app will be Android 9 (instead of Android 8.1). This is in line with the Nfield CAPI app strategy mentioned on our website.

If you encounter a problem with your device after 1 January 2023, for instance, an issue with performance, we will first ask you to upgrade to the latest supported Android version (Android 9 as a minimum).

For the next Nfield CAPI app release we will set Android 9 as the minimum version of Android.

As a general recommendation we advise you to update to the latest Android version on your device(s) as soon as you can.
Final reminder on Nfield deprecated / obsolete endpoints
In modernizing the Nfield public APIs, several endpoints were deprecated and should no longer be used. However, we observed that many Nfield users continue to access the outdated endpoints rather than the new ones. These obsolete endpoints will stop working within the next two weeks without further notice. Therefore, kindly update your tools and scripts to access the most recent endpoints as soon as possible. Please be aware that your automated tools / scripts will stop functioning if you continue to use deprecated / obsolete endpoints.

To find out which endpoints are deprecated, please visit the Nfield API Help page and search for "Obsolete".

Automatic clean-up feature

We're developing an automatic clean-up feature to assist you in keeping your domain clean.

This feature will be rolled out in February or March 2023.

The following are the steps associated with this new functionality:
1. It will automatically put a visual indicator "Will be stopped" for surveys in Nfield Manager that are inactive (no live interview activity) for 20 days or longer. If no progress (new interviews) is made on the survey after another 10 days, the survey will be stopped.
2. After the survey is stopped (automatically or manually), you should retrieve the survey data from Nfield.
3. Another visual indication "Will be deleted" is displayed on the surveys that have been stopped for 20 days or longer. Such surveys will be removed permanently from Nfield within the next 10 days if the fieldwork is not started.
These new visual indications (Will be stopped / Will be deleted) are displayed in both the Surveys and Management tabs, to make sure that you get ample notification to back up these surveys by downloading the relevant data and artefacts. If necessary, please take the appropriate action to continue / resume with these surveys.

The screenshot below is an example from the Surveys tab.
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Note: Once the survey is deleted / removed from Nfield, an automated email is sent to the email address specified in the user name "da", as shown in the screen shot below:
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Please ensure that your email address is correctly configured to receive these automated emails.

Please remember that once a survey is deleted, it is deleted permanently, and its artefacts (scripts, data, quotas, media files etc.) cannot be restored.

Deprecation of the CAPI Manager - NIPO will start removing old, non-migrated surveys originally created in the CAPI Manager starting this week.

As communicated in previous communication (December 6, 2022), NIPO will start removing old, non-migrated surveys originally created in the CAPI Manager from the system starting this week. Please migrate them by clicking on the Migrate button for such surveys in the Nfield Manager. Once these surveys are deleted from the system it will be no longer possible to retrieve the files.
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As always, please share this information with all relevant people in your organization.

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